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Bitch by Allie X

Jayden. fourteen. white. he + neos.

abt me

heyyy, i´m Jay Mahiru, kaede and Custard ily piscis (march 5th)

friends! Lis, Rob, lu, yuli, Fry, Matt, Sam, Sally, Kyle and Leo

idk if i follow problematic accounts so tell me plss


I validate Pansexuality, Neos and Xenogenders(i use them), I forget to tag tw's (tell me), i hc Custard cookie as a transgirl (she + neos) and a lesbian, i need tone indicators, i'm not from any subtwt, i like to interact with my mutuals even if is not much, sb over unf, Esp/Eng (more esp).


dfi criteria, invalidate neos and xenos, mspec "lesbian", u think gender = pronouns, transphobic radfem, Dont respect people (neo)pronouns


cc's Custard cookie ♡ herb, King (toh), Crispin wizard, Miyuki Hoshizora/Glitter Lucky, Reika Aoki/Glitter Breeze, kaede akamatsu, Ryoma Hoshi, Maki Harukawa, Mahiru Koizumi, Tenko Chabashira, Stan Marsh, Bebe Stevens, Nepgear, Compa

games and series

Cookie run, Vocaloid, roblox, minecraft, hello kitty and babybus games, bandori (starting), Final Space, TOH, SPOT, Bee and puppycat, DC Super Hero girls, glitter force, Saiki.k, hyperdimension neptunia, danganronpa (shame...), Panty and Stocking, i don't remember more lol.


Doonie Darko, gumball, craig tucker, stan marsh, Bee, crispin wizard, puppycat, entrapta, luz noceda, Tsumugi, kazuichi, Mikan, Ibuki